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So that we can imagine the best of chocolate with you, we first need to scour the planet for rare cocoas. This mission is carried out by our sourcers, which select the most singular cocoa and forges long-term links with producers. Collaborating in this way allows us to constantly enrich our understanding of cocoa, become our own producers in some plantations and, as a result, bring innovations to each stage of the making process – growing, fermentation and drying – so that we can further diversify our cocoa. Because our sector’s whole future is dependent on plantations, we make an on-the-ground commitment alongside our cocoa producer partners. We invest to improve local communities’ well-being and to create the cocoa growing techniques of the future through the Cocoa Forest scheme. With Valrhona, you too can forge a sustainably developed future for cocoa. 

Imagining the best of chocolate starts with an ambition. Ours is to endlessly perfect our chocolate-making expertise, to push back creative boundaries thanks to a constantly growing aromatic palette and to invent the next big revolution in the world of chocolate. From couvertures to chocolate bonbons, decorations and chocolate for gourmets you can enjoy just as it is, our product range is designed to open up new horizons for you. This, so that you can express your talent with the total confidence that comes with consistent quality and flavor – And so that you can rely on a responsible partner who has fully committed to the environment, transparency and traceability. A few great examples of our expertise: 

- Grands Crus: Illanka, Cuvées du Sourceur (Sakanti Bali, Kilti Haïti) - Ground-Breaking Innovations: P125 Cœur de Guanaja, Dulcey, Inspiration range With Valrhona, you give your creations an extra dimension. 

Last but not least, to imagine the best of chocolate, it is essential to share. This means sharing expertise, so that everyone makes constant progress. L’École Valrhona as a center for chocolate expertise exists to offer you training. Valrhona’s pastry chefs are here to guide you, and they can even answer each and every one of your questions by phone. 
When you join our network, you give yourself an opportunity to swap techniques, tips and recipes, so that you can stay inspired, perfect your skills and advance your work. For nearly 30 years, we have been encouraging creative pastry-making at events such as the Pastry World Cup and C3 Competition. Thanks to the Cité du Chocolat and in making team with schools like L’Ecole Bocuse and Ferrandi which train to the professions of masters of flavor, we reveal their own professional calling to them and we help to bring our profession to ever-wider circles of people. With Valrhona, you become part of a community passionate about chocolate. 

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