Cruzilles is a master confectioner based in the heart of France. The company was established in 1880 and we will celebrate our 140 years in 2020. The recipe of the fruits jellies has been imported by the crusaders at the 12th century. This confectionery develops itself because of the presence of orchards and sugar beet around Clermont Ferrand. The peak of the activity was during the 19th century with the spa patients. They used to gift the fruits jellies around them when they were back to their home. 

We produce and sell high end fruits jellies, candied fruits, jams and marrons glacés. The fruits are selected to be the best to provide the best experience to our customers. After a delicate selection of the fruits, they are slowly candied. The process consists in replacing the water contained in the fruits by sugar. For the bigger fruits, it can take almost 3 weeks. 

When candied, our products are used by demanding chocolate makers, pastry chefs and delicatessen. Coated with chocolate, they make delightful orangette or citronnette!

For the fruits jellies, the fruits are transformed in puree and mixed with sugar. After 24 hours of stabilization, they are hand cut and covered with sugar. They are sold as sweet treat for demanding consumers. 

Our products are sold in 35 countries around the world.

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